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1970: Our company has founded and has begun to silk-worm breeding trade for 15 years until 1985. for 15 years our company sold grege yarn around Turkey- mainly to Istanbul and Bursa. At 1984 our company has begun to work as an embroidery which is a part of the textile industry.

1985: At the year of 1985 our company has quit from the silk-worm breeding business and has begun to work as an embroidery production. Between 1985 and 1990 we mainly focused on dowery embroidery.

1990: After 1990, we started to produce baby textile embroidery which was a new sector at that time. In 2005, with the experience from the past, we started to produce the whole baby bodysuits. At this time we started to sell our products to outside of Turkey. First of our export country was Iraq.

2005: With the new branding process, our company has a new logo, innovative thinking, and dynamic staff, we continue to produce our baby bodysuits and baby bodysuits embroidery under two different brands.

2018: Our main vision is being a global company and satisfy our customers in that way. We are currently working with more than 10 companies and our goal is to increase this number.