Our company has founded and has begun to silkworm breeding trade for 15 years until 1985. for 15 years our company sold grege yarn around Turkey- mainly to Istanbul and Bursa. At 1984 our company has begun to work as an embroidery which is a part of the textile industry.


At the year of 1985 our company has quit from the silkworm breeding business and has begun to work as an embroidery production. Between 1985 and 1990 we mainly focused on dowery embroidery. 

After 1990, we started to produce baby textile embroidery which was a new sector at that time.


In 2005, with the experience from the past, we started to produce the whole baby bodysuits. At this time we started to sell our products to outside of Turkey. First of our export country was Iraq. 

With the new branding process, our company has a new logo, innovative thinking, and dynamic staff, we continue to produce our baby bodysuits and baby bodysuits embroidery under two different brands. 

Our main vision is being a global company and satisfy our customers in that way. We are currently working with more than 10 companies and our goal is to increase this number. 

— Our Customers are the focus of everything we do.

To create value for our customers, to respond to expectations with quality and stability is our first priority. It is our duty to stand by our customers and to be with our customers after sales.

— To be “the best” is our ultimate goal.

Maintaining this image is our main goal in quality and service.

— Our most important asset is our people.

The quality of our products and services starts with human quality. To employ the best personnel and adult manpower, to provide maximum benefit from our people’s talents, strength and creativity; To increase productivity, create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourishes, is the path we chose to ensure the continuity of Hayat Bebe for generations.

— Creation of wealth for continuous development is our key objective.

To realize the necessary investments to ensure continuity of the service; Our main principles are to create resources from the activities and to make sure that all resources are used rationally, and not to sacrifice wastefulness to help the economic and social development of our employees and the society.

— Honesty, integrity, and superior business ethics are the foundations of our business conduct.

In all our relations, we are always committed to behave in good faith and understanding and to always comply with laws and codes of ethics in order to ensure mutual benefit. Our fundamental principle is to fulfill our responsibilities to today’s people and to future generations, to be the pioneer and not to give up.




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